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Vantablack (Bandcamp 2017)

   Alternative Rock meets their Grunge roots available through these Chicago, IL moderation priceless track-listing recording performance off Commonweather members like Jon, Patrick, Alec and Justin as the quartet of moderate and semi-corporate rocking song writers and band and if you liking other bands like Foo Fighters, The Calling, Matchbox 20 to the entire parade of Emo-Rock re-touching on Christianity basic beliefs or just plainly Pop-Rock tempo-blower; might loving to have these guys rocking your stereo system tonight. Gaining exposure around Midwest states or equally did attracting some smaller fan-base of their own with the releasing on thus mini recording of Nausea with Sam Pura and Valley Taylor producing the album; five tracks – good choices of melodic revelations as well as simple riff-age like grungy Pop of independence throwing the hooks which sounded interesting for the audience of all ages. Listen to 22, Reverie, True Blue and Steal Your Warmth for now before they’re making something fully loaded next !