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Unresolved (Self-Released 2016)

   Original loud Alternative modern Rock from the modern metropolis scene music of Sydney – Aussie by the formation of vocalist Louisa, Mark the skin-beater, bassist Dan to guitarist Kieron releasing their debut effort through The Housefox Sessions EP consisted on four tracks release; good yummy female vocals, co-fronting jangly rocks out sounds being told as a story on Angels & Demons tales but never a bad eerie truth prevails – a nice poppy noises available thankfully, by the band’s great composing music as well as the Letters To Cleo related influence via See Through You – would be a choice you will make to pick or choose. Hailing as the originated UK mixed with local Sydney musicians here, the unique likes for whether Foo Fighters, The Pixies, Muse and Radio Birdman to The Libertines really put the quite questing band-made experiences gone looking good for the near future – if they’re staying real to survive. Not young mostly for them age anymore; still there’s a little hope to wish for these Pepperhead not to be a Superhero but succeeded.