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Undisguisable Firestorm (Bandcamp 2014)

   Hailing from Chisinau, Moldova comes the mighty horrific themed and haunting scary voice to make you feel eerie or having quite nightmares involving the banshee or succubus forms on it. Esperoza would be the real entity that not only consisting most of the total surprising of scare-maker but the head-banging enforcer where thus Extreme Symphonic blending between Black Metal and Death Metal with the female fronted spawning curiosities among the listeners or hypnotizing them under the darker spells that the self-titled recording begins to breaking the atmosphere of humanity kindness by replacing them with melodic of hate, Folk-lore to things closer to the semi-realistic extinctions already infected some of us and re-arranged your cells structures or your memory-system to fell apart as the chapters read and again by an expert whose ready to sacrifice the whole world as the exchanged for more horrors, terrors and the new ordinance creatively, reclaiming back their belongings that scatters the entire lives of our pathetic mankind’s dull, ignorant minds. Doomy and potential for getting their name re-known by many people isn’t an easy way but through the self-titled album; Esperoza prevails as the bursting double-pedals that smacking really hard like on What Lurks within (The Beginning: Book of Life Part.I), Tempest, Meaningless Existence (Book of Life part II), Dimension Collider or Lost Path (Children of Euterphe). High-octave vocals by Zola Belous, guitarist Dmitri Prihodko and Vadim Cartovenko (drums) truly given their best Progressive Metal musical performance and hoping that many more river dwellers to come out and dealing the cards called life.