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Turtlewalken (Voices Of Wonder 1996)


   Rocking Norwegians are commonly happens to come in a group and the larger the decibel the better it’s going to be sounded like. Meet the experiences on the almost easy listening for the grooves among thieves and metallic power-header blast beats of the group – We as they’re making their ways onto your brain-cell completely harmless but who knows the side-effects happening next after the show – it’s dependable. Releasing this second recording album through Violently Coloured Sneakers which featuring the maximum performance from the members: Tallo Felberg, Krisvaag, Thomas M and Goshie to Don Dons whom mixture the weirdest side of elemental of Hard Rock, Space-Stoner Metal, Funk-Pop to Electro-Rock in a firing squad rifles ready to shoot the bullet-train threats toward the audience just like the answer from the Northern Norse on how Incubus, Red hot Chilli Peppers and Powerman 500 explodes themselves and brought the addictions over Nu-Metal or Hip Metal improvements to the snowy Europe points.
   Since the opening track of The Tribe or heat and even Hangaroundsounds might also reminding you about the early Jane’s Addiction infect-ticide blower atmosphere and themes which reluctantly absurd, anonymous and experimented in a very depressive and freshy way !

Violently Coloured Sneakers: