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Trial Error Hologram (Self-Released 2011)

   Laminate Pet Animal wasn’t a sheltering place for putting your dogs or cats or any kinds and definitely a hotel for them – it’s a community of social conscious group of Indie-Pop and Alternative Psychedelic Chill-Out Ambient orchestral music with Tribal-Jungle and Dance effects sounds but dominates by horns sections and melodies that would covering your fear of the dark tomorrow because today is already sadder than the day before it. 
Nine tracks produced by these Brooklyn, NY independent musicians – Alex Beckmann, Austin Mendenhall, Calvin Pia, Grayson Sanders and Jay Goodman forming this project as Snowmine. 
   Psychedelic pursue of themes tracking opening the atmosphere of the biological knowledge based on the fox’s living sequence and its both exterior and interior design commuting for the music alleged there on Penny, The Hill, Let Me In or Piece of Your Pie blazing in such a sweet temperatures of echoing pedal beats within thus Electro-acoustic soundscape and classical harmonies of orchestrations in calmly neat. 

If you surely, knowing some of them from any other groups out there, it’s fine but this isn’t a super band in the making; it’s just good friendships and talents to mingled. 

Laminate Pet Animal: