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Trawler’s Dub (Artoffact Records 2017)

   Beginning an establishment settled as one of thus pioneers for blending instrumental Art-Rock within the Electronic, Industrial or violent power sounds like Dark Wave, Dub-Hardcore, Progressive Rock onto Jazz-Noise and musique concrete Avant-Garde beats remarkably disturbing with screeching bash-up recording music that’s not suitable for the mainstream listeners. As constant members whom also build the group/project Controlled Bleeding – Paul Lemos or the early names included like Jack Salerno, Dave Southerland or Tony Meola as well as Joe Papa to Christ Moriarty as being influenced by either Krautrock to Can; continues to progressively making strange music of their branded marks all the crossing way through this particular latest one of themselves nowadays in the new millennium career on Carving Songs.
The blending possessive over Industrial Noise and Progressive Metal with Goth Rock background as Electronics brought to you the growing odd terms providing by the disturbing artworks of paintings and thus recording tracks that will shocking your hearing sensational rooms with the break-lists on this ugly girl’s infected by disease themed feelings of obscurity and abnormality via Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps as flawlessly harmful to the living normal humanity through Carving Song, The Perks of being a Perv, Return of The Quiet, Fusion Song onto Trang’s Song and Eye of Needle mixture adventurous ascending climbs and confusion of breath-taken …

Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps: