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Travers Tolerance Cocaine (Merge Records 2017)

   John Darnielle the lead vocals or performers for piano and fender rhodes, Peter Hughes playing bass or vocals, Matt ouglas doing the woodwinds, vocals and additional keyboards as well as Jon Wuster doing his drums and percussion under the production of Brandon Eggleston and mixed by Scott Solter here’s your popper version of the Classic Alternative Indie Rock and The Sister of Mercy-tinged from Durham – North Carolina’s Goth-Pop scene baptizing by their name of The Mountain Goats - tried to mixing the Goth-Pop and Jazz tunes with World Music of Folk and Country as well. 
   Releasing the enormous by-standard recording disguises as Goths by title; really hurting yourself and them as well as the themes written and arranged there dealing with tragic events or drug addicts sort of stories, sickening bodies, branded alcohols but being told in a such beautiful ways and specific details good in writings by the group especially Mr. John Darnielle himself. 
   Goths resemblance the eerie tracks with a Jangle-Pop motions in commotions through the experiences tales over-ridden by angst and blessing joy of colorful life within The Grey King and the Silver Flame Attunement, Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds, Rain in Soho or For The Portugese Goth Metal Bands seems to be sounded hilarious but rightly correct to describing the images of reality encountered on the modern living problems and funny strange story so far …