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Token Freak (Self-Released 2016)

East Los Angeles must be so flexible for not only keeps providing trends to verified its heritage towards Pop-Music culture cause as like the knife is drawn out – again that Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks trying not to be sounded too much like being the copycat of an old version of Madonna’s early Disco-Pop and these Electronic Music duo appeared as brightly as the new acts excellently shining from the Synth-Pop scene of West Coast representations today. 

The latest works out from Requiem For Romance may turning harsh as the seductive vocals or the standard sharpening beats not really sold-out as just a sensation but most of all – a life style ensemble encouraging the group to moving forward through their good career in sound-making. From Bad Girl, Show It 2 Me, Dear Enemy and Psychosuperlover and Dangerous Heart – sounded like the mixes of a dead-beat pulse taken from the D.N.A of the last New Wave actions from the 80’s show television screen …

Requiem For Romance: