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TNIT Baby (Not On Label 2016)

   Introducing Yu Fujishima a Japanese synthe-Electronic and J-Pop producer or DJ brought his fresh new ideas and carrying of Dance-able fatality beats via his works among those tracks recorded to Magical Brinq Tour and the blending of Synthwave, J-Pop Electro to Pop-Synth will easily grabbing your hand and pushing your feet to moving as they’re follows the beats energetically available on this cute musical album as one should quickly picking up their favorites but don’t worry to be different here as Overstars, If I EverFeelBetter, Dig to Time to Say Goodbye Satellites or Next Space; the leading female distinctive voice of young Japanese harajuku/geisha singer backing up vocals shall guarding your toys of sound like this one safe. 

Go take your time to listening to Brinq.