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Tick Fuel Tank (Bandcamp 2016)

   A Sci-Fi seminal tales about an American actress and singer whose born later in the far further away to the future and assumed to be a good creative controlling her own destiny of music project through the essential of Noise industrial-Punk and Rust Wave or Holo-Goth as the female figure was born in McComb, Mississippi but raised in Kentwood – Louisiana as the developing of the experimentation over plenty combinations onto thousands noise-samples or ejaculating cultural of composing on computerized agenda clearly in the making has raised the enchanted dangerous life-forms on the father side of music sections and Vex ViVi would be your ultimate reality sounds that gating the infamous time-traveling basic needs to the future land. 
The sick ill-fated recording compilations like this one via Previews For Meeks would rather gone sexy, sexiest or sexier than your average coalitions of noise-collisions in one particular bad album releasing. 
Welcoming to those whom wanted to destroying their past by exploding the parts of time or momentum in the future within these tracks blasting of weirdness and strange signals over Light-Emitting Diode Shines on the Righteous, A Gold Plate Rule or The Lizard Walk; greenish-skinned female and electricity panel meters displaying about the energy-rising tinged hallucination turning reality as god now inside the cables dwelling.

Previews For Meeks: