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Then Runaway Morning (Not On Label 2014)

   Progressive Metal within the large influences from the legendary names on the same field scenery of metallic side like Anathema, Porcupine Tree, Tool or even Dream Theater for the longer story on Anasazi – the Grenoble, France troops whom taken the strange name from an old Navajo word Anasazi - meaning the ancient one for the releasing of 1000 Yard Stare must be related to thus alien-forming theory featuring the crew of metal-friendly talents: Mathieu Madani (guitars, vocals, additional keyboards), Christophe Blanc-Tailleur (bass, mix), Benjamin Dupre (keyboards), Jean Rosset (drums) and Sebastien Garsia (guitars) that most of you – Progressive Metal fans would love to have on their stereo system player because this band really can throw their fierce guts and aggression through the music making jamming and solo heavens like endlessly powerful onto some more Prog-Rock right from the crashing beats and sophomore awesomeness products of pro-arrangements via Drop Dead Silence, One More Time, Ordinary Man, Legacy of Fools, Water’s Edge to Underneath The Dirt and The River as you may noticed to the important bonus on Ernest Hemingway’s spoken words as well. 

Be fucking surprising to have them because you shall !

1000 Yard Stare: