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The Wanderer War Chords (Bandcamp 2015)

   Let’s recapturing the essential mix between the old classic Black Metal underground extremity with the destructive grinder effects from Death Metal Scandinavia style as the epic symphonies pleasantly, attaching them both by this one-man project Progressive Metal Extreme recording compilations from the Denmark’s metal-heads Nickolai Matthiasen doing all the vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and programming with an additional musician Dennis Amtoft Jensen helping him to dealt with the Avant-Garde blending with Extreme Metal music which sounded ferocious but also beautiful as one can listen through A Darker Shade of Black: Demo Collection I recorded by Incorporeal as well thus keyboards harmony lullaby over Dystopia in Deconstruction or the other hand suitable for the seven minutes more about Dream Eater whilst the vocals moving onto the border between the purest Death Metal meets Black Metal sarcasm or the leading bass-line, shredding six strings to the blasting drums – shall go bashing many heads to banging harder or being distracted and commanding to follows the brutal marks the beats of double pedals or the grinding riffs sound touching the cerebral rest imaginations of the closing apocalypse approach slow … 

A Darker Shade of Black Link: