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The Storm (International Anthem Recording Company 2017)

And there you have it, a confusing of which is the real one that you can use for the band’s name of at least, this project of Artistic Avant-Garde improvised on Psychedelic Jazz Music from Chicago area. Whether it is Jaimie Branch doing this recording release on Fly or Die and well, perhaps – the other choices left as Ms. Branch did her energetic plays on trumpet as she is actually an expert for that to other performer like Tomeka Reid (cello), Jason Ajemian (bass) or Chad Taylor (drums) as Fly or Die and  the cameos whom are Matt Schneider (guitars), Ben lamar Gay (cornet) and Josh Berman (cornet) masterful to opening the new doors for a cracking constant interested compositions of a stranger, sweeter or super psychedelic grooves as an absolute jam like perpetual via unique voices or the blending on others genre of music such as Electronic or Hip-Hop. Listen to the high-definitions and clear cashing or ghastly sounds as well through … Meanwhile, Waltzer, Theme 001, Jump Off, Leaves Of Glass and Theme Nothing. 

Seemingly rushing the hour of how lovers of this type of scene genres will able to follow the rhythmic and the melodic divisions not to be categorized but unites of one variety sounds came out there …

Fly or Die: