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The Stack Stake (Stars Dots And The New Junk 2014)

   As the dooming descend influences taken or drawn right from the Stoner/Doom/Sludge essential of Black Sabbath seems to be a wannabe copycat as well but the reality for KSDS (the group) project for Electronic experiments of Rhythmic Noises programs hits the reality that the project didn’t quite mimicking what Ozzy and co. already did but through its own experimental works here for Black ABBA which means evil father or perhaps an anti-solution over our sick Pop-culture keeps growing to destroy itself from within by demanding or mass-producing shit rather than this kinds of independent underground music effort. Open it now like a Pandora box and let the disease flying out and spreads; there’s no further explanations on how we will surviving our future through today decades even though some experts always encouraging us to develops and learn but the truth hits or stab your head from the front or the back – telling that the universe is alive and growing older as well as the planet. Wars, hatred, misguided science or over-populated countries are the products on feeding the dark-side where ancient gods dwell. One by one you will trembling in fear for the mechanic noise-trampling slowly comes and go automatically which haunting, scary, thrilling and alerting the audiences about Cosmic Radiation warning, Cold Wind of Zero which related to the global warming/lower temperatures effect, Hammer of The North is the real threat not only the barbarians of the middle ages but the modern day terrorism and civilization clashes breeding after the copulation of democracy and capitalism making beast babies and super computers to guide your doomsday to happens.

Black ABBA: