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The Sermon (Stereo Dynamite 2006)

   Psychobilly group hailing from the darker corner of Burlington, Ontario by purposes to haunts their listeners whilst they’re dancing crazy following the groovy nuts music sound from the band’s performance as calling themselves a great suitable name for The Creepshow. Whether you will shaking hands of Reverend McGinty, Sandro Sanchioni to Sean McNab or Daniel Flamm and even the sexy gorgeous vocalist lady – Kendra Legapsi within their majority themes taken after the members’ likes over Horror shows, thriller movies and suspends films or folklore stories came into their lives before and after. Rock N’ Roll to Rockabilly to Psycho-Pop temporary tension led yours onto the twilight pub down the swampy stream unnamed but well-known for its notoriety reasons only but still through the debut releasing – these band would taken you in and banging hard via Sell Your Soul to the parade of the Halloween’s themed between the sweeter poison to the scary surprises from Creatures of The Night, Candy Kiss, Grave Diggers, Doghouse and Zombies Ate Her Brain would be the subjects of subversive tricky tales you ever needed to glowing your bloody late September to October with more freighting stories being told or experiences – via the sensual female vocals in rock-Psychotic-billia !

Sell Your Soul: