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The Separation Torture (I Hate Records 2016)

   Dark days and clouds of sorrow drifting upon Thessaloniki, Greece and the curses of the gods comes down like plague slowly onto your modern day’s sins as The Blessing bursts into gloomy sounds of tearing quietness into darkness that falls touching the earth whilst the inhabitants slept out and missing the formation of stars changes as well the moon phased growing older and the end of time comes in perfect destruction soft-infiltrates your ears next through Qualms in Regret over the seven minutes more duration, Remnants following the depth of Doomy Metal-occult roaming hard in symphonic melodies performs by Father Alex, Stefanos, Paul or Tolis; not as The Forever Mournful Quartet as they’re used to be called but The Temple in their debut heaviest releasing – Forevermourn. 

Until Grief Reaps Us Apart divided itself into three chapters and the capturing fear and solitude in a jar collection by this type of slower-heavier tunes like this recalls on the reasons why you will never seeing the lights anymore once you got trap under the unholy salvation events provided by Heavy Metal of darkness realm uprising powers.