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The Scorn Abbys (Baron Records 1994)

An old school Death Metal and Thrash metallic music from the early nineties as being the compositions of Havran and Wlosu on guitars, Bernarz on bass guitar, Cichy behind the drum-set to Radi on vocals under Ascaris – the name of this Polish extreme metallic band; independent and underground as they’re releasing the effort called Uncured Sickness still in a cassette format at the time. Brought nine brutal tracks of misconception demolishing themes believed going to happen upon this earth in the near future comes as the songs like Sinless Desire, Cosmic Undiscovery Vacant, The Pool of The Black One and Forbidden Existence closed by the impressive prog-metallic force like Crawling Chaos on the record must be a greater moment of you finding this lesser-known within the old Lee Dorian’s Cathedral/Napalm Death style reducer and apocalyptic views from the ex-territories owned by Communism in the past.

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