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The Sail Call (Bandcamp 2004)

Meet Chris Kennish an engineering of Beer, Jake Wilson’s lyrics, Nick Pantling violin or Rebecca Woods flute plays; Shib or Kev lending their violin performance to Tom Knott a recorder easily helping the team-up of duo vocalists as they’re singing thus Folksy, original tunes and ballads into thus groovy medieval funky ways harmony as Biggs and Mike leading these effort since another member went out for good; going from weddings, banquets, market squares to the minstrels bard festivals – smaller and big ones submitted like the Folkish Middle-Ages version of Bernie and Elton duet; releasing this Any Excuse as The Golden Apple which always stumbled on almost every folklore stories you ever read or not yet. A magical musical of theatrical and traditional mixed of whether thus medieval sounds of the farthest ancient land to the remote clearer water of pirates with ginger-ale and rums drinking fantasy via The Storm, Flag With No Nation, Jack Dancer, The Tale of Cap’n Big Finger and Musket Pipe and Drum – most all came in acoustic variable courageously brave to dealing their ideas and the loving on music through this unique measurements of good ol’ freaking musical tendencies. 

Cheers from UK scene to celebrating your drunken hour in energetic acoustic sounds and beers !

Any Excuse: