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The Roots (Black Mara 2016)

Maybe somewhere in time during your puberty or perhaps, on the way to work or maybe even in your daydreaming notions – you have heard about the reality and the fake story about Myth About Flat World or today being re-introduced as Flat Earth Theory. As then may secrets unfolded or its never will be revealed for hundred times of years even though the addition of information, back-ground stories, experiences or expanding observation already conducts due to the levitation approvals through some of the highest and most holiest peak of our earthly mountains like Olympus, Kailas or Meru to Everest or Caucasus or the different dimension entrance via Yggdrasil/Lusaaset/Asvattha as the knitting roots and branches of a growing consciousness leaping within this sounds on Ambient/Drone/Psychedelic ritual music played by Creation VI over this epic album; a deep water, woods whispering, streams to divine moments presence under the trillion uncountable stars in heaven towards thus long-timing duration format of either Ancient Wind on 14:37, Keepers of Existence for about 16:40 or Beside The Tree of Life that being lasted onto eleven minutes and thirty-five seconds. 

Some might support this theory of nonsense but others will stop believing that their lives changing in instant just like their faith. Find out the truth as the last person and keep the final answer to yourself.

Myth About Flat World: