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The Quick Downtime (Overture Records 1996)

As the line-up consisted as Keith “The Suit” Lowers (guitar, programming), Jason “J-Hauz” Garrison (drums), Dennis “D-Hauz” Hogan (vocals) and David “Dirt-E” Biganeiss (bass) – this American Rap-Metal group that used to be formed in Detroit but later on moving to Huntington Beach as their decision to relocates themselves from being monotonously plain to have more mixing interests over their grinding music beats which sounded pretty much fucking intense. By the releasing of the group’s first debut album – 20 Dead Flower Children’s self-titled recording which carries the distinctive Nu-Metal/Rap-Rock or the grooviest indie-metallic acts that for that time is still quite rare reality not a massive trends and those ornaments or replicas of a broken doll, disturbing arts or parental advisory label still meaningful as dangerous contents for this one. 
The additions for some Industrial touches like the background influences from Al Jourgensen’s catalogs there seems to drawing how this band really needs to be watch as one of those perverting agents of changes in rocking metal music scene of uncle sam’s closet’s skeletons. 

The picking songs: Give In, Tear The Tie, Detached, Here I Am, Focus to Burn 777.