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The Present (Self-Released 2011)

   With the formation of Ilya Naishuller, Garik Buldenkov, Ilya Kondratiev and Alaxei Zamaraev; these Moscow’s Indie-Rock band whom also adding some Punk-Rock and Hard Rock to their living career performance and releasing this mini recording called Dope Fiend Massacre as an Alternative Rock album with a very good Russian Federation's free caricature artwork on the front side drawing the band-members with characterizations as the music comes out fine not trying to copy any Maroon 5 or even Blink 182's rocking show on tracks or attitudes or maybe it’s a form of what one can calls as groovy Russian Pop-Rock that sounding in between modern and retro pack. Five songs either they’re going to ruin the whole tricks or you might liking them a bit – depends … 

Just have a listen to either The Stampede, The Light Despondent and Who Am I to Stand Still ? 

Dope Fiend Massacre: