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The Morphia (Solitude Productions 2015)

R.I.P to the guitarist Christian Loos as him and his band-mates did well deserved of applause within the Funeral Doom and Dark Death Metal epic short journey via becoming thus low-toned deep bowel vocals and harmony back-ups as well as the remains of members from this Norwegian’ Drammen territory band – Fallen of Anders Eek the drummer and Kjetil Ottersen on vocals, keyboards and piano brought the emerging of desperate themes via their previous debut album to the resting moves over this compilation recording in the self-titled name. 

As the ritual of the dead funerary event shown in a non-surprising pagan beliefs of the North Norsemen; Fallen creating the last extra on slow-bashing and heavier riffs but never forgetting their distinctive harmonies made by keyboards or symphonic arrangements off the eight tracks written to complied there via Now That I Die, Weary and Wretched or Gravdans. Reminding us a lot like how Alice In Chain struck down by the unfortunate event before surviving not outnumbered. 

This one is an excellent offer !