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The Joy Don’t (Pets Recordings 2015)

Founders of a label undermining those whom closely living for making Electronic music available to represents around Poland and gladly, wanted a better future in their career by joining the profitable co-working with the faces of 3 Channels aliases for Polish DJ duo also producers Grzegorz Demianczuk and Wojciech Taranczuk aka Catz N’ Dogz. Not only becoming the men behind their artists success and business to run but as well as the background of music tightly contacted to their d.n.a as pleasing themselves not to just sit and quiet but kept making their own suitable sounds available through the proposal House/Deep House/Techno experimental noise-re run by Electronic cargo producing of Basic Colour Theory in release as the group’s third studio recordings that carries Killing With Kindness, Nobody Cares, Stay, From Your Heart and Good Touch or The Solution flew out the harmonies and blending textures on a nearly seizure and available dictating beats surrounds all over your hearing sense room. 

Mostly instrumentals as you can see the choices of paint-measuring label over a plan for renovating but still caught the humanity feelings through-out of it.

Basic Colour Theory: