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The Expatriate Act (Fat Wreck Chords 2004)

   The day George W. Bush wins his presidential electoral decision made final by winning the last important state and took the disadvantages using the pass-away elector’s data since several years before it and close-by and for that not only the entire mass of US citizen who knew about those cheap political tricks story raging as well as the collective various Punk Rock bands shouting loud their opinions and commentary and harsh lyrics releasing as one package VA Rock Against Bush Vol. 1 an album that brought the good sense of feelings for being cheated and misused by the total-elite governments making themselves richer while sucking our blood slowly like leeches. We got distorted blaster themes off these twenty six songs from several new names in the Pop-Punkville, Skate-Core and many more genre in the neighborhood area such as The Soviettes, Epoxies to Strike Anywhere or the common original materials from thus semi-legendary and famous groups like Anti-Flag, Sum 41, New Found Glory and Pennywise shoulder to shoulder bashing the wrong news and information and tried to spreading the real truth about Bush family and his electoral scamming acts as you might finding them scattered all over the place there on the album through Sink Florida Sink (Electric), Baghdad, Sad State of Affairs, Heaven is Falling or God Save The USA and Jaw Knee Music not forgetting Overcome (The Recapitulation) or No News is Good news talking absurdly about whether they’re protesting the imbalance coverings by CNN or Fox News about the results or the economy collapse around South East Asian regions to the operation desert storm and so on. The Brightest Bulb has Burned Out featuring Billy Bragg – the lecture of neo-leftish or Nothing to do When You’re Locked in a Vacancy publishing by None More Black. 

The proof about how your new millennium generations still have conscious and spirits for making a change.