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The Dust Serpent (Desert Highways 2017)

   Heavier to be just for a dedication for their fallen brother Douglas; this Smoke Witch self-titled music really took the Stoner Metal/Doom Rock’s riff-age to the next level by possible as Sam Wright (strings) and Karl Stehn (skins) collaborates their hard-working habit to thus ideas of discomforts feelings as well as hatred multiplies slower and growing inside themselves – sending this Melbourne, Aussie’s product of Smoke Witch not only fits for those who loves Progressive Metal but also Heavy Metal to the more extremely directions made independently by two kids. Meet thus awesome artworks, powerful blasting chords via Road Demons and Gave Diggers over Moonshine and feels the magic floating on air affecting your common sense with the hallucinogen materials with high-strong effects of long jams and pounding metals and biking roars – taking the sensibility in your and throw it to the fire – replacing it with evil thoughts by the twin cylinders sonic-jam from Geelong.

Smoke Witch: