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The Doubt Bump (Austin Town Hall Records 2016)

   Garage Surf-Rock and Pop-Indie for the rise and shine again even not as softer spoiled innocent as The Cardigans only almost having the same layers of retro-vintage style as these band from Texas named Mean Jolene formations off the quartet led by a girl singer Jolie Cota Flink whom also playing the bass guitar, Adam Sharp on drums, Will Glosup the guitar player and Ben Seligson the vocalist/guitarist whom brought their harmony swinging of West-coaster music sounds of Pop glitter sparkles within the sunshine and the evening breeze replacing those sandy shores or convertible driving cars in fully colors recaptured almost completely on – Salty; even though its always pretty hot there in Austin, TX. 
From Black On Blonde, Winning, Sick Obsession, Scumbag Summer, Actin’ Thirsty to Twin. Sparky semi-mono/stereo sounds truly like a time-door for you to jumping to the past lapse to experience those moments again when you still a bit young, sexy and attractive as Power-Punk.