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The Coconut Song (Bandcamp 2017)

   Let’s Go To Work was the second installments from these Canadian Ska-Punk band in its regular shift as vocalist Paddy Walsh, bassist Jordan Swift, the brass sections: Nigel Goddard (alto sax), John Jordan (baritone sax), Lorraine Muller (tenor sax, vocals) and Jess Radz (trumpet), organist Dave Jager, guitarist Bobby Beaton and drummer Eric Boulanger bringing back the dynamic two-tone beats to the original tracks not just for having fun but regularly, giving more spirits to all whom losing their faith on living to do something good for themselves. The adding of the re-working to this album with fifteen tracks altogether swinging the pogo-dancing rudie-people with thus wiser lyrics which honest enough to share among friends or making a bad day brighter by playing them on the stereo.  Fun messing within King of The Jungle, Lot’s Wife, Honorable Hong Kong Ska, Johnny Rock Steady to Rat Fink or Dr. Haledjan Got Married and Just One Day preciously – needs to be re-introduced to the vast advancing crew who loves Ska-Punk originality attitudes influencing their life-style these days !

Oi and Hello from Montreal, Quebec ...

Let's Go To Work: