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The Chuckler Male (Domino 2017)

Within the vocals sounded so cool like the estimated light-years away copycat of the Lou Reed’s soul in progress, meeting this Post-punk band off Detroit, Michigan named Protomartyr must be a good sign for having a discovery of climates over history in non-judgementality on the figures behind the group’s efforts – Alex Leonard, Greg Ahee, Joe Casey and Scott Davidson as a quartet leaving their marks through those recording releases since the predictable end of days on the new millennium missed to happen.
Now via the latest recording from them again; Relatives in Descent as they’re bringing a more appropriated female in veil as a sign of new age comes back in a different face; driving the ears of many audiences through the artistic spoken words/depressive musical melodies mixture here via Caitriona, My Children, A Private understanding, Windsor Hum onto Night-Blooming Cereus. 

Like there’s an electric drill tries to penetrate your consciousness somewhere while listening …

Relatives In Descent: