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The Calamity (Not On Label 2011)

Brought to front as moshing gone manically insane for the Death Metal displaying filled with fear and disgust by the quartet of master-minding cannibalistic repeater ritual crushing riffs and music with the usual growler vocals you really need to have today and powerful blasting of believing in none but brutality, violence and pain under will as comprising of Derek DeBruin (guitars), Leighton Thompson (vocals/guitars), Tyler Lachowicz (drums) and Marv (bass) forming this monstrous band off the heart in a dark, dreadful and frozen cold tundra surroundings Greenbay – later, Mishicot - Wisconsin. 
As the releasing of this debut destructive album entitled Viral shall bashing your head or splitting those unbeliever conservatives body parts as Micawber grinding out the global satisfaction super-market like creature cart from hell and erupting the surrounds within the extreme tracks like The Colonization, Beyond The Throne, Systematic Manipulation to Victim of Persuasion and Mechanized Enslavement – worthy to begin the interest in your sick head for making them the soundtrack for torturing session after dark special with the equipment of non-friendly drilling killers or such !