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Telos (Boring Machines 2013)

Following Toni Cutrone cuts the act of his verifying density towards an original tamed sounds related to the weirder tasks via Noise Drone and Ambient over thus symbolic mystic taste with the Electronic possibilities led by the solo project experiments through Mai Mai Mai on Theta. The releasing debut for how the world living its boredom days as some persons really got their consciousness stands out over the un-countable commercial addictions progressively happens there among you – around us. We need to wake-up before things went wrong and too damn late just like the colder touch from the planet faking by the ruling society or the truth over secrets that reveals to be just another hoax mirrored blurry within Prometheus to Naeo to Upnos to Muo. 

Emptiness graphics or abandoned bridges truly aren’t just a imaginative tales for today news found when one opening their eyes wider …