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Teeth Funnel (Cimmerian Shade Recordings 2013)

   Double the freaky freaks as these two headed-joint rockers devilish ideas uniting as one; Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler coming out from their hiding presence inside the woods of West Virginia incubating through the secret hut or caving hills met to end the isolations somewhere in Nashville struggling to the deep connections of thematical dark or crooked sense of humor and absurd dissatisfaction in the making for experimental Avant-Garde Blues, underground Punk-Rock and weird No-Wave sounds as the tattooed hillbillies couple within thus pessimistic wry of dark jokes sensations via Chuckle Change And Also as The Chewers. 
Just listen-up and proving yourself – the oddity for abnormalities in creating arranged music of mixtures too ugly to understand by the normal via those twenty-two tracks lying on the record to spreading the truth or lies among the non-believers of Pop mingled self-destructing independent noises project for the unsung heroes like being told through the weirdy songs such as Techno-Slaves, Filthy, Can’t Sleep, A Part Machine, Inmate 227, Smiling Samuel and The Fat Man – all seems to be too awkward to swallows but you also cannot ignoring them if you are one of those whom fell in love with lower below an average normal things to feast for ears.

Chuckle Change And Also: