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Tavern Hades (Not On Label 2016)

   Moving from being Chicagoans to the North-Western parts of US national city of Seattle is never a trouble especially for The Goddamn Devil trio consisting of Erik, Pete and Tim as given the recording album releases on Get In The Graveyard as an e.p blown up the mixture of Hardcore, Heavy Metal fusion as well Punkish Grunge distorted and Stoner Rock of now a proud Seattleites forever with the dedications for Jon Obert and Curtis Walker as well as Lemmy meets Black Sabbath meets Blue Oyster Cult in foursome fearful tracks like Sloth Bear ’75, Cetaphobia and Harold The Crow from Washington gatefolds of crushing rock sounds. 

Let your rocking mood drowning deeper within this valuable lesser-known performance of the independent features musicians.

Get In The Graveyard: