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Tarnished Photograph (Escape From The Zoo 2013)

   Cranking those metallic music of Thrash, smoking some bad grass or grinding babe’s ass isn’t those activities you can do during your summer creeping of nihilism of performing the joyous distracting quintessential of Black Metal Rockabilly, Folk-Punk and Mexicano-Core or whatever you may calling this stupidity sounds made on Houston, Texas from the trio and many more of their jerky friends accompanied the explanations over this release of a musical group record of Rogue Taxidermy by Days N’ Daze consisting of the inner core members: Jesse Sendejas on vocals,banjo, washboard, mandolin, drums to Whitney Flynn on vocals, trumpet, ukulele with Geoff Bell on washtub bass, vocals as raging Folk-Ska bashing silly but the lyrics might sharing some wisdom to the odd-people to learn about life itself and the crazy effects of memories toward your brain through the chosen tracks like Muddy Knees, Remnants of What People Used To Be, Fate of a Coward (feat. Jessica Flynn) or Dazed from The Dazzled of Decadence and Constantly Reminded of Death all the way through Post Party Depression. Actually, besides to make this type of the “Wild Wild West” chaos music chants and beats; these rockers also loved to climbing trees as they’re turning to tree-loving people or just a malpractice behavior of primate-tinged going mad to displays for public consumption.

Rogue Taxidermy: