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Tammy’s Bodega (The Rebel Group 2009)

   Local dialect for the long word like Humuhumunukunukuapu’a’a might means dishwasher or microwave or a mug in Hawaii but if that can describing about Motel Motel’s Alternative Indie-Rock and Country sounds from the Brooklyn, NY group’s finest weirdy album – New Denver; then you might coming to pick a right choice for free downloading a digital music. 
Thirteen songs written and composed wisely and simple but not cheesy as you will listening to the semi-Americana Pop-Rock sounds made the adventure around the Midwest to Mexican border worth a try by oneself or in group. 
Open the great outdoors through Mountain, Coffee, Cigarettes, Virginia, Harlem to Vietnam as they’re put on as the titles to your imaginable journey to knowing Motel Motel performance a little bit closer and personal. 
When horses brave enough to fighting back pushing their teeth deep into the carnivore attackers flesh – that moment would be perfect while you realizing it, listening to Combate and Cannons.

New Denver: