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Takoe Belle (Bandcamp 2016)

   Just another naming band of so-called Pity Party – coming from the Northerneast of Pennsylvania or Scranton to be exact for these all-girls Indie-Rock group whom influenced as involving because of a social state issues, blinded passengers, silhouette lies to eww yaboo or final descent of clever foxes watch really makes this sounds they’re call it – Divorce Rock by the quartet: Chelsea, Meg, Kristen and Michele as they’re unite for the likes of pizza as well releasing the Alternative Grunge-Pop products of local music as Pity Party’s Yeah Whatever mini album. 
You can relate the themes and the quiet raging libido of a mixture of small town dilemma and broken-hearted stories basic onto Daydream, This Far or Nothing; within thus smart melodies between semi-Jangle Rock and distorting softly attributes, claiming those favorite things of the girls printed on the pinky background cover as a shared stuff and also warnings.

Yeah Whatever: