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Swinging You (Topshelf Records 2013)

Not elegantly wasted yet but there’s something special closely following how these Baltimore, Maryland Indie Alt-Rock band naming themselves Diamond Youth really can turns you on from and back the groovy massive simplicity gone wrongly cool to listen as their effort onto the mini album record named Orange really really borrowing you the essential taste of the mentioned color as the newer black – perhaps. Not too claiming as the next steps of INXS shadowy moves but Brendan Yates, Daniel Fang, Sam Trapkin or David Wood commonly mixed their Alternative Pop-Rock with surprising Grunge-tinged and powerful popularity sounds that sells out damn well. 

Go paid attentions to the rocking awesome fine tracks like Cannonball, Separator or Come Down and relates this band with the good version of modern Chip Z’nuff playing for The Beatles and a happier-side of Gavin Rossdale turning everything to a joyous and tremendous evening that must becoming one of the best time of your lives – as relaxing sits and seeing only one color in many figures and things afloat.