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Swann Street (Shield Recordings 2013)

Consisting for the Punk-Rock local crunchy hooks and excellent superb and fast tracks written by Jeroen Mol, Mark van der Male, Michiel Walrave, Robert Buijsman and Robin Hancock took their Skate-Melodic Punk songs right to represents The Netherlands as The Real Danger where actually not truly spreading dangerous confusion but anthems all the shouting-way to expressing yourself as a young human being throughthe releasing album – Down And Out. 

Female trying to save her beloved savior robot but the end is too damn late to pressing pause and hit the rewind. Twelve songs to pick for avoiding oneself to getting ill and stressed out and if you do love NOFX, Pennywise, Descendants to Sum 41 – then, these Holland punkers are yours to keep and their tracks may lives on as long as there are still kids playing skateboard in Frisia-land listening the loud cranking of Can’t Stand, The Guessing Game, Anything, Not The Only One and Pyramids. 

Rocks !!!

Down And Out: