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Supervirus 4863.D (Bones Brigade/Kaotoxin 2011)

   Total Fucking Destruction or T.F.D is an American Grind-Core, Punk-Metal and Hardcore Death metallic force of nature like typhoon army comes in a great disaster power to destroying you all – no more established metropolis or luxury place to hide your wealth and health to displays while one finger of a mad leader pressing the button for starting the smiling biohazard or nuclear bombs attack to somewhere and then you have it – the world war 3 being envisions by these metallic-heads of extremity crew via their simple recording release: Hater as being led by the melodic crusty punkish melodic solo and Hardcore/Grindcore riffs erupting just like the giant explosions of several hydrogen bombs to your country through Dan O’Hare, Rich Hoak or Ryan Moll performing. 
Wildest fearful nightmare has arrived within these short-messaging lyrics of annihilation of mankind over the greater war with countless casualties in the making of the bloodiest history of carnal blown out within Thrashdelphia, It’s Only Attitude, Murdernumber, I Not Pose, Green Fire or Dudehammer as well as Meat Without Feet. 
Turning our planet into a dumped cold and lonely place – right after the devastation of one year in our entire life turning to be lost in the dust of radioactive hales.