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Sunset Lunatic (Rising Sun Productions 1990)

Progressive Goth-Rock of America formed in Chelan, Washington – Gypsy Kyss with Joey DeChenne, Kevin Ohme, Michael John Dickes and some more ex-members given their retribution towards the Art-Rock/Symphonic Rock progressions from the releasing debut record back in the nineties era beginning with When Passion Murdered Innocence would be a classic example on how the teaming group written and arranged their sounds and songs completely sophomore where the basic faster tracks meet the slower ballads in blur figures coming like the long-awaited breezing rain from the past with uncertain memories to tell and harmony kept in as a path leaning the forgotten themes spreading by Confused (As One is By Other), Fair is Fair, What I Feel, Peccavi (I Have Sinned) onto Hung By a Thread and Walk On The Water sprinkling some small amounts of miracles which never predictably shown unless you really thinking about them – on a right time and in a wrong place.
The vocalist sounded like he’s an androgyny creature forcing to sing their sorrow thoughts to public from the flying fortress … 

When Passion Murdered Innocence: