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Stroke Neck Beard (Graveface Records 2008)

   Ken Fec is a destroyer of Pop-cultured musical products as he decided to allegedly appliance to his interest over power-living mixtures of barely legal noises or samples of Atari to powder-fingered sources he ever found for the performance out of this releasing – Kongmanivong as he himself disguises as Power Pill Fist as profiling the sounds features as the blending complexity over Down-Tempo and noise experimental with the main characterized on Hip Hop, Trip-Hop and Electronic Industrialfor the retard and dangerous. Echoing bursts and shredding sounds ruling the records as weird tracks showing on themselves to your ears which exactly, disturbing or terrifies most of the common middle ages people afraid about their own security and their family relatives much as the imaginative creatures of the masks comes to appearing to you via this album; brings Contours Gaining Shape, Chuckanut Drive, Man Ribbon and Fisticus 2:36 or YFF Lou Pappans crawling from the below surface, re-surfacing and then, magnificently – jumps on anyone whom didn’t pay attentions after being smack by these torture music blender.