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Strike Great (Earthquake Terror Noise 2014)

   On parody over society as life being a humor in dark themes chosen fast and slicing to the Thrasher tones off a Florence, Tuscany group calling themselves – Sofisticator as comprising with guitarists Don Hammier and Popi to vocalist Disossator, drummer Crudelio von Fust and bassist maniac Atomik Bahnhof having their good times doing their metal-moment as they wanted to and as louder or faster and melodically can be responsively chaotic on making your day miserable if you didn’t have guts to dealing with your problems alive or non-biological cause if you a big fan of either Chuck Norris or Eddie monster then this music reacting reality should be yours only. 
   Nobody can saying bad things to you without getting a satanic ways of payback like broken teeth or chin or you shall totally died mercilessly alone on the couch letting the television watching you instead. Listen to Channel 666,Rot-Wash & Roll, Ok The Price is Right as well as Walker Texas Thrasher, 666 new or Miracle Blade – you known that Death By Zapping album has giving you the will to change your days in front from loser to winner or butcher !

Death By Zapping: