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Steady Rollin (Inflated Records 2016)

New Orleans – home for the future music choices made pretty modern, odd and retro in good riffs but Pop-sounds ruling the scene builds by these two nerdy rockers: Ray Micarelli and Ross Farbe in the making awakens of this Video Age group perfectly, not just being moody to clearing the essential formats on a Louisiana’s rounds off New Wave/Dance-Pop/Power Pop and Rock N’ Roll delivering as written and composed well by the crew themselves to recording the release entitled – Living Alone; a picture of views for the near futuristic needs if one liking to know how the excellent composing tracks might be sounded alike at that time. 
Comes within the blue-print of a high-tech housing compound as the songs would pressing the button on louder volume by joy or dance-tinged elegy via Regulars, Virtual Man, Throwing Knives, No Future and Dance Squad feels like Love Sick overridden a Cruise Control as this engineered and mixed as well by the band themselves with artworks produced by Felicia Douglass. 

Please, enjoy !

Living Alone: