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Stargate Transporter (Overground Records 2014)

   Notoriously formed by the ex-members of Flux of Pink Indians or Fatal Microbes like Sidation “Sid” and Zillah Minx with Pete Fender or Gem Stone blinding your eyes within these strobes smokes illuminated or UV lights anti-establishing of quality fusion of Punk Anarcho, Tribal Dance Electro and absolute weirdness music of myriad style temptations through the early eighties straight to the new millennium’s jail break or potential threats.
   One will liking much how Rubella Ballet combining their filthy Punk-Rock and Dance electronic of Prodigy’s messy versions at all within the rebellious lyrics about social values, issues and non-conformist ideas fits for the class war solutions; being brought to the mainstream via colorful animated artworks and punkish bashing vocals beats of male/female high tension of angst to the world went out within this Planet Punk record. 
   Sid Truelove did his job performing the music programming while the sexy dirty girl-drummer Zillah Minx raging the front row as she screaming out on vocals covered sirens and choirs over this Goth-Punk anarchism themed tracks like Run Run, All Potential Terrorists, Pandora’s Box, Anonymous  to Bio Hazard or Killuminati. 
   The Londoner Punk-Rockers learning their path of beater music pretty well and now they wanted to show the reality and the bitter-metallic noises through the newest sounds of clashing mixtures of cultural contradictions.

Planet Punk: