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Spaghetti Leg Man (Lama Zone Music 2017)

   For the endless battles against brain tumors we got something special going on as these compilations from Manchester – UK has been made possible by the name of a music lover: Dan Wild-Beesley as for the fund raising for current treatments of success rate as exclusive materials from the artists heaping the rare to help others in need (not) in a gently sounds but really it helps a lot ! From pretty bangers to current releases there through various types of music genre; Alternative Rock, Hardcore, Experimental Math Rock, Turbo Hip-Hop, Post—Rock to Noise Emo being compiled well in ton of tracks limited to fifty two as some might be re-considering as the planned future for our musical performance next and others can be legendary or just simply helping the greater cause aiming by the recording of The Bees Knees: A Compilation For Dan. 
   You might finding those themes related closer to the spiritual fights against cancer or tumors for the album tracks such as RoBoTaLiEn on Questioning, Vennart on Operate, Chiyoda Ku sharing their song Distracted From Distraction By Distraction or Tongue – the HC/grungy type metallic tunes from Falls and AlgernonCornelius with Brothers onto Oxygen Therapy from Panta Rhei. 
   One or two or even the entire audience would get something useful over the compilations gritty grips sounds which totally up-lifting the consciousness back again through smart themes picked and delivers from the self-written materials rarely complex but easing to listen not only to encourages the patients but also the global minds to act because they’re care. 
   Maggot Musume, I Spend My Days (Wishing Them Away) or Has IT Got Old Yet truly should be some examples to your ears about how important actually, this issues can affect many.