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Snowplanet People (Bandcamp 2015)


   The atmospheric one-man band digging the excessive basic influences among its variety background likes on the making for this Space Rock of Ambient and Post-Rock project out of Minsk, Belarus.
   Da Voile would be like a sound of flowing cleary crystal fresh water from the mystical mountains coming down to the streams and filled the thirst quenched of many living prayers answered via Fusion like a dream come true and cheering would gladly be heard soon after the healing sessions in musical instrumental songs occurs, performed and entering the tiny rooms of every lost generations and souls dealing with identity crisis or living in emptiness and emotions shall be shattered in a mix as the recording continues go on within the standard Prog-Rock and Space Rock post-abrasive non-metallic but only rocking further sounds emerge from Travelling Through The Memories, I Remember You, When Everyone Are Sleeping, A Girl Who Think It’s All Over to Night Dream Stars; leaving the Lovecore like loveless or hopeless as the non-stop melodic erupts into the sky all the way through Corridors of you lossless lifeless and palest locked gate called ego still reigning. 

This record really heals as you walking farther onto sub-consciousness …