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Snake Pretender (Bomp! 2004)

   Featuring the mature, sexy, naughty and filthy Rock n’ Rollers female quartet like the semi-Rockabilly version of The Donnas or The Runaways in time-lapse to the next millennium project shows on stage transforming into these fine simple rocks stuffy babes of Les Hell On Heels – comprising of Paula Monarch, Chela LaRue or Katie Rose and Kristin Machynski combining their legal performance for the likes of both Punk Rock and Garage with thus smirking taste of Hair Rock sensations attached to their self-titled debut album release in colors like a package of sweetening things but dangerous as well. Some might questioning the band’s “drag-queen” looks or skinny bare-foot appearance but fortunately most of these women knows how to get the make-up done and looking more attractive whilst rocking hard with their songs of rebel yells above the men’s world and regulations. Glamor tracks-list parade begins with My Kind of Trouble – telling you that they’re not allergic to magnetizing problems if you dare to make (just) one mistake moves towards them; Got What You Need, He’s Alright, Said & Done onto Ain’t So Cool or Real Thing commerce the exact selling-out points these girls might have even when they’re not truly exist for a permanent rocking career period and lose like a Waste of Time, you promisingly – would drooling for them filled your head with dirty imaginations about the ladies that rocks your hardest !

Les Hell On Heels: