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Sidewinder (Avalon Records 2007)

   When Marillion came out for leading its way in front of the Neo-Progressive Rock improvisation movements due to the early eighties era; there’s a chance for a comparison to them formed as the established monumental group surroundings UK scene protectively growing healthy as these Dorset band may becoming a cult-comprising in the communal rivals for the previous names as Progressive Rock with metallic tinged sounds correlates onto the group’s hear-beats as Galahad withi the seminal legendary member names like Roy Keyworth, Dean Baker, Mark Spencer or Stuart Nicholson and Spencer Luckman picturing the tales of the fallen kingdom on Empires Never Last as the newer United Kingdom’s formatted of Progressive Rock and Techno-Metal sounds combined as honor, dread, lust, greed and childhood to the destructive and cruelty becoming one problems haunting our modern community as well as habit of humanity to crushing one another because most of them believe that there will be no eternal peace for the planet until one nation rules over everything aside of the story telling mayhem music on De-Fi-Ance, Termination, Memories From An African Twin to This Live Could Be My Last …

Empires Never Last: