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Si, Otra Vez Ayy Lmao (Putrefacto Records 2016)

Led by the infamous elusive and mean commander of Alien Dick Master as the squadrons of his excellence abductors that kidnapping or raped mostly blonde earth women and slaying our cattle for their sick sexual experiments are all planned neatly over the missions carried by the team of outer-space invaders explorations group called Alien Cow Abduction whom home-basing themselves in Hermosillo, Mexico. 
These supreme ugly beings releasing their likes for earthling’s extreme music such as Porno-Grind and Grind-Core and Punk-Rock and learning Spanish very well to disguising a communications of thus hidden messages infiltrates through your brains via the love for extreme Heavy Metal sounds like being performed by them right onto these six tracks of distorting terrors and unspeakable activities did or done to the victims by the beings for another planets or dimensions such us surgery, painful experimental, torturing and brain-washed to the copulation of inter-extra terrestrial intelligence with the DNA manipulations and marks all over your body making you a pet for them or an object to study now and later. Ay’ Te Encargo, Error Al Abducir a in Punalon through Los Marcianos Asexuales Acosadores de Pobres Vatos may explaining to you about the rest of compromised agreements or legal-actions for them to do whatever they wanted to do on us as an exchanged for their technologies to the powerful top nations to develops. Scary isn’t it !

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