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Shock Miss Louise (Atlantic/Warner Bros. 1987)

   Can calling it a romance drama and a little less-comedy of Horror touching background or perhaps, reversed it but the seminal legendary soundtrack for the teenage/young adult’s movie of The Lost Boys directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Harvey Benrhard told the almost real story about some facts that moving in to a new town for these Arizona brothers Sam and Michael from their old boring town only to finds out about a safe-haven for vampires gang living in their lair under the beached cliff as the story goes with Michael fell for a girl whom actually one of the blood-sucking leader David named Star, his mom worked again and met this old guy turns out to be not as good as he looks and as the intentions getting hotter with the biker gang of the night children grab Michael to be one of them as being initiated on a ride of his life; the little one Sam found his allies of expert vampire slayer local kids and insecurity grandpa feeling terrified to see that the fact that the place of Santa Carla, CA is a hell-hole for sure. Eliminating the vampire gangs and saving the girl before too late or just running out of time and being a snack suckling for them isn’t an option but a must as the soundtrack came as cool as it gets which carried the tracks rocking from INXS’s Good Times (with Jimmy Barnes), Lou Gramm screaming out loud via Lost in The Shadows, Roger Daltrey finishing the cuts through Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me as a great song; Echo & The Bunnymen had The Doors anthem classics fits for the movie case on People Are Strange, Beauty Has Her Way by Mummy Calis as the finish line reached with the surprising ends might giving you’re a hint on how you cannot trust that something bad is gone until you making sure that it is gone permanently.