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Sheol Deus Requiem (Not On Label 2017)

   From once used to be the capital city of West Germany – Bonn’s extreme archaic of Dark Metal blackness ruling scene is actually being wealthy and living to kicks some serious ass over anyone whom trying to listen to their products. 
Meet Magoth the quartet of death-masked paintings army as satanic and pagan-beliefs as they’re showing it to you via the excellent aggressive brutal recording towards the strange case of Anti Terrestrial Black Metal with Heergott on vocals/rhythm guitars, Shagnar on lead guitars, Widrir on drums to Havoc the bass player bashing your stereo system within a head trauma music of the blasphemous orchestra noises obliterated tipping thus break-loosing free from any modern day intact within the band’s ancient-based themes and rituals despises the divine works upon the planet with Magoth’s killer-tracks like Der Toten Gesang, Mental Fortress, Thorns or Indoctrination War and Cleansing of The Ancient Spirits; sounding the alarm of the late trumpets of doomsday behind the sphere powers of encircling Black Metal brute tips !

Anti Terrestrial Black Metal: